Kuali GraphQL Documentation


Quick start

Let's run your first Kuali GraphQL query right now!

Getting a list of apps

We're going to use a tool called GraphiQL (notice the little i in there) to run a GraphQL query to get a list of apps.


These steps assume that you have a running Kuali instance.

  1. Open the GraphiQL tool in a separate window (requires sign in).

    Replace the subdomain and host with yours.

  2. Copy the text of the GraphQL query below.
  3. Paste the query text in the "query pane" on the left hand side of GraphiQL.
  4. Click the big "play" button in the top middle of the screen to execute the query.
  5. The results will appear in the "results pane" on the right hand side of GraphiQL.

Boom! You just ran your first Kuali GraphQL query.


              query {
                apps {


                "data": {
                  "apps": [
                      "id": "5d5f337395a039001e48a649",
                      "name": "Incomplete Grade Request"
                      "id": "5ac835643d7f3600196b2749",
                      "name": "Parking Tag Application"
                      "id": "5e6715e208f295001f8219b6",
                      "name": "Travel Disclosure"