Kuali GraphQL Documentation



The GraphiQL tool makes it easy to create and test your GraphQL queries.

What is GraphiQL?

GraphiQL is an IDE for creating GraphQL operations and queries, running them, and showing the response. It also provides detailed documentation for every aspect of the GraphQL API.

You can open the GraphiQL tool in a separate window (requires sign in).

Replace the subdomain and host with yours.

Includes always up‑to‑date documentation

Built into GraphiQL is the detailed documentation for the GraphQL API. It is comprehensive and always up‑to‑date on every little aspect of the Kuali GraphQL API. That documentation is generated programmactically directly from the GraphQL API via requests to the GraphQL API for its schema. That's a little meta, but that's what allows it to be always up‑to‑date with every little detail.


GraphiQL is made up of three panes:

Query The left pane is the Query Pane where you enter in your GraphQL queries.
Results The middle pane is the Results Pane where the results of your queries appear.
Documentation The right pane is the Documentation Pane which provides detailed, searchable documentation.


Play Runs the current GraphQL query.
Prettify Formats the query text to make it easier to read.
History Provides a history of past queries you can return to.
Search Search the documentation.
Query Variables Enter variables for GraphQL query.
HTTP Headers Enter headers for the GraphQL query.