Kuali GraphQL Documentation


What is GraphQL?

The Kuali GraphQL API let's you get just the data you need and no more.


GraphQL provides a standards-based query language for your data in Kuali products. It has many features including a strongly typed schema that represents hierarchical data with nested fields all of which can be discovered by querying the GraphQL API itself.

Why Kuali is using GraphQL

Kuali chose GraphQL to provide more powerful and flexible capabilities to our integrators. It has significant advantage over traditional REST API endpoints with its ability to precisely define just the data you need. GraphQL lets you replace multiple REST requests with a single call to get the exact data you need.

API-first design

Kuali practices API-first design. Before we build products or features we first design and build the underlying API for those products and features. That underlying GraphQL API is the same GraphQL API we make publicly available to you. Anything you see one of our products do, you can do using our GraphQL API. Querying for a list of documents, submitting a form to a workflow, and updating a document can all be done through the Kuali GraphQL API.